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Uninsured Motorist Coverage — When enough is not enough


How much uninsured motorist coverage do you have?

Most people can’t answer this question.  It is very important that you know the answer because if you are badly hurt in an auto accident it may be the only source to look to for payment of extensive medical bills and lost wages.

When asked about auto insurance many people say they have “full coverage”.  This is a misnomer because “full coverage” probably means only minimal coverage and may not include any uninsured motorist insurance.

What is uninsured motorist insurance coverage? The answer:  Just what it says, it is insurance coverage you can buy to cover your damages if you are injured by someone with no insurance coverage or little insurance coverage.

Motor insurance certificate with car key

The statistics for drivers on the roads who have little or no insurance in Florida will shock you.  They are about half of all the drivers out there on the road you are surrounded by every day.  If you are in crash the other guy is just as likely as not to be uninsured or underinsured and unable to pay for your injuries.  That is why you need uninsured motorist insurance coverage and in my opinion a lot of it.  A bad auto crash can change a person’s life forever and if you don’t want to wind up trying to get by on what the Government pays you need to take care of yourself.

Don’t wait for the crash to happen to find out the details of your uninsured motorist coverage.  There is, in the insurance business, a disincentive to sell uninsured motorist coverage.  It is not very expensive and the agents make little money by selling it.  Many insurance agents do not even discuss the importance of UM coverage with their customers and what it can mean for you and your family.

A rule of thumb for buying insurance is that the more you buy the less it costs per dollar of coverage.  You pay more for the first $20,000.00 in insurance than you will pay for the last $20,000.00 in insurance that you buy.

You will need to increase your own liability insurance coverage to buy more UM coverage but that is a good idea also in case you make a mistake and hurt someone else.

The lesson here, however, is to maximize the insurance for you and your family when the other guy hurts you.  Statistically speaking that other guy won’t have enough insurance to cover the damage he causes.

So, check your insurance and call your agent to increase your UM. That’s what I tell all of my friends to do.  And, be careful out there.

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