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Tragedy in Tropical Florida — Cancer Cluster


The federal government’s Center for Disease Control confirmed on Monday what many have believed and feared for months — the incidence of cancer among children living in the Acreage is substantially higher than would reasonably be expected based on national statistics- three times higher. The bad news is that the federal government has confirmed the existence of a “cancer cluster”. The good news is that the federal government has confirmed the existence of a “cancer cluster”.

The news is bad because behind the finding is the terrible tragedy that many Acreage families are already suffering. It is bad because of the terrible dilemma that confronts so many others faced with having to choose whether to abandon their homes to protect their family’s health. It is bad news because it reinforces the fear that already exists that leaving the Acreage now might already be too late.

However, the CDC’s “cancer cluster” confirmation is good news because it opens the door to additional federal resources essential to the welfare of the Acreage community. The need for a very careful and thorough investigation is now undeniable.

We now know for sure there is a serious health problem. The very important question of who or what has caused that problem remains unanswered, but Monday’s announcement raises the level of confidence that private and public efforts will find the answer.

Palm Beach County Health Officials plan to hold a forum:

What: Palm Beach County health officials plan to discuss their interviews and population research at a public meeting.

When: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Feb. 9.

Where: Seminole Ridge High School, 4601 Seminole Pratt Whitney Road, Loxahatchee, FL

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