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Top Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents in Fort Walton Beach

Truck Accidents

The truck lies in a side ditch after the road accident.

Our Fort Walton Beach Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help You as Collisions Potentially Increase

The constant refrain of “stay home” for safety has one distinctly unintended consequence. With so many people ordering their food and other necessities online, Fort Walton Beach’s delivery truck traffic has soared. Drivers are overworked, and many are not well-trained. Fort Walton Beach truck accident attorneys know these factors can lead to an increase in delivery truck accidents.

While not as heavy as tractor-trailers, delivery trucks are still much heavier than consumer vehicles, and they operate in close proximity to pedestrians and bicyclists. Accidents can lead to traumatic brain injuries and other devastating consequences. When you understand the causes of delivery truck accidents, you can take steps to protect yourself.

Fort Walton Beach Truck Accident Attorneys Know Collisions Can Be Caused by Many Factors

Truck accidents are complex and often caused by a combination of factors. Fort Walton Beach truck accident lawyers frequently work with delivery truck collisions caused by: 

  1. Sudden stops and turns as drivers try to locate addresses
  2. Exhaustion due to long hours
  3. Insufficient training or poor hiring practices
  4. Substance use (even legal substances such as cold medicine can interfere with driving)
  5. Improper maintenance
  6. Driver distractions such as cell phones, music, GPS
  7. Speed caused by pressure to stick to a schedule

After a delivery truck accident, it is a good idea to gather evidence quickly while it is most readily available. For instance, traffic camera footage may show the accident, but the video could be erased or recorded over unless you or your attorney take steps to preserve it.

Different People May Be Held Responsible for Delivery Truck Accidents

While mechanical problems may contribute to the cause of delivery truck accidents, even in those instances, human error is often involved. For example, a mechanical problem might have been prevented if the truck had been maintained on the appropriate schedule.

Fort Walton Beach truck accident attorneys know that many different people may share responsibility for causing a truck accident. The truck owner could be liable for failing to schedule inspections. The delivery company may be liable for not providing proper training to drivers, or the maintenance shop could be responsible for negligent repair work. It usually takes a significant investment of time on the part of a legal team to investigate the causes of a truck accident and the parties who may be held accountable.

After a Truck Crash, Talk to Knowledgeable Truck Accident Attorneys in Fort Walton Beach

Regardless of the cause, truck accidents often result in serious injuries, often with lifelong consequences. Victims may be entitled to compensation to offset the effects and help cover future needs. But it is important to build a strong case for liability because delivery truck accident cases are likely to be defended by a sophisticated team of attorneys. To level the playing field and get an experienced team on your side, talk to the seasoned Fort Walton Beach truck accident attorneys at Searcy Denney. For your free consultation, call 888-549-7011 or visit us online now.

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