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The Most Common Holiday Accidents

Car Accidents

By now, most of us have realized that holiday vacations are anything but. The holiday is there, but the stress of travel, baking, entertaining, talking to relatives you haven’t seen in years, playing referee with the television, and opening gifts that are well-meant but fall way off the mark (like a wired mouse) can be a bit much. On top of this, there’s the constant, never-ending complaining.

So, the last thing you need is an injury. Although Florida doesn’t get snow, there’s plenty of bad weather to cause accidents on the crowded roadways. Family members and friends are injured every holiday, and if you’re the one who was injured because your next-door neighbor pulled into his driveway too fast, let an experienced Florida accident lawyer at Searcy Denney help you with your insurance and legal claims so that you can get on with your happy holiday.

Unfortunate Holiday Accidents

Just like any day at home, the holidays are filled with accidents that cause injuries, even catastrophic injuries, including the following:

Decoration Mishaps

Some of these accidents are caused by tripping over extension cables, ornaments, and tree skirts, or maybe just too much eggnog. The majority of these injuries, however, are caused by hanging outdoor decorations, generally while using a ladder. With commercial lighting services running into the tens of thousands, it’s no wonder we’re putting our own lights up, right? The Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) estimates that thousands of men and women are injured in fall-related injuries attributed to holiday decorating or decoration-related activities.

Most holiday accidents involve using ladders (or something even less sturdy to stand on, like an old bucket). These accidents can be avoided by using ladders properly:

  • Place the ladder bottom one foot for every four feet in height
  • Extend a ladder at least three feet beyond where it touches the roof
  • Set the ladder on a level and sturdy surface
  • Move the ladder rather than overreaching
  • Make sure step ladders are fully operational and be sure they are locked

Slip and Fall Accidents

Walkways can be slick and overcrowded. Step slowly and carefully, and keep an eye out for potentially dangerous spots, including oncoming foot traffic where someone’s stack of gifts may be impairing their vision. During the holiday season, there is a high probability of slip and fall accidents, so be very careful.

Auto Accidents

The roads are crowded with visitors, holiday travelers and area residents. That said, there is a high potential for traffic-related incidents like car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Drivers are distracted and are more likely than usual to be impaired. Leave plenty of distance, don’t respond to angry drivers, signal well ahead of time, and don’t drink if you’ll be driving.


Holiday fires are more common than you’d think. Keep trees away from fireplaces, don’t use flammable ornaments, don’t overload circuits, and keep candles away from anything remotely flammable. And if your holiday feast includes a fried turkey, be sure to put the fryer a safe enough distance from the outside of the home just in case a flare-up happens.

Have a Happy Holiday and Contact a Florida Accident Lawyer for Help if You’ve Been Injured

The holidays can be fun but also stressful and dangerous. Maybe you don’t need the brightest house on the block. After all, there’s a football game waiting! Be extra careful and if you or a loved one have been injured or even killed in an accident, let the Florida personal injury lawyers at Searcy Denney help. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means there is no risk for you. We also offer free consultations, so contact us today to schedule yours.

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