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The Deadly Outcomes of Distracted Driving in Fort Walton Beach

Car Accidents

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Let our Fort Walton Beach Car Accident Lawyers Help After a Deadly Crash

Many drivers in Fort Walton Beach who would never dream of getting behind the wheel after having a drink do not think twice about doing something just as dangerous –they allow distractions to take their attention off the road. 

Distracted driving causes deadly accidents all too often. Yet Fort Walton Beach car accident lawyers know that there is not the same level of awareness and social stigma connected with distracted driving as there is with drunk driving. Still, it’s a good idea to pay more attention to the deadly outcomes of distracted driving.

Three Types of Distracted Driving

Deadly distractions can take many different forms. The Florida Department of Transportation breaks down distracted driving into three types: 

  • Manual distractions – those that cause drivers to remove their hands from the steering wheel
  • Visual distractions – those that cause drivers to look away from the road
  • Cognitive distractions – those that take a driver’s focus away from tasks associated with driving

Many activities are particularly dangerous because they incorporate two or even three of these forms of distraction. Eating, talking, or adjusting the air conditioner are all distractions that cause a driver to lose focus and trigger an auto accident. However, our Fort Walton Beach car accident lawyers see some distractions cause more accidents than others, and they urge drivers to avoid such actions.

Drowsy Driving Could Be as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

Police do not carry tools to measure a driver’s degree of fatigue as they measure a driver’s blood alcohol level. However, car accident lawyers in Fort Walton Beach see many deadly accidents caused by drivers who lose cognitive, visual, and manual connection with the road because they simply cannot stay awake. 

Many drivers of trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles are prohibited from driving too many hours at a time. When they violate these rules, accident attorneys may use those violations to help establish liability and recover compensation for injured victims. Private drivers may not have the same requirements, but they still can be held liable when their irresponsibility causes an accident.

Our Fort Walton Beach Car Accident Lawyers Know Cell Phones Can Be a Deadly Distraction

Using a cell phone to text, talk, or look up directions can incorporate all three types of distraction, often for a substantial period. Even when a phone is mounted in a holder and out of the driver’s hands, the distraction can still lead to an accident. Fort Walton Beach car accident lawyers see cell phone usage as one of the most deadly distractions, despite campaigns to increase awareness of the danger.

When a Distracted Driver Causes Harm, Work With Our Experienced Fort Walton Beach Car Accident Lawyers

You can do everything right and still end up in a serious accident caused by others on the road who allow distractions to take their attention away from the road. If that happens, it is a good idea to start collecting evidence as soon as possible to show how others’ lack of responsibility resulted in harm.

If a distracted driver caused a wrongful death or other severe injuries, our Fort Walton Beach car accident lawyers can help you recover compensation to help offset some of your losses. For a free consultation to learn more about how our experienced legal team could assist in your situation, call 888-549-7011 or contact us online now.

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