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Texting While Driving — A Sobering Video


First, I want to warn everyone that the video to which this article is linked is a dramatization; it is particularly difficult to watch; but it demonstrates what can happen, so it is important.

This very sobering video link made its way into my in-box today, and although it is rare, this one had the desired effect and hit home for me.

It’s not like I haven’t seen the horror and toll car crashes take on families. I have spent the last 25 years in the in the insurance and legal industry and have seen it up close and personal. However, this vignette served as a wake-up call to me as a father of four children, all driving, including two 17yr old twins. I plan to watch this video with my kids tonight and give this issue a little more than the typical yada yada yada lip service I likely have used with them in the past.

Yes, I have read the stories setting forth the dangers of texting and driving.

Yes, I recall hearing it is the equivalent, or worse than, driving impaired.

Yep, I have seen the political machines try to make it a banner waiving platform agenda item.

Now, for me, this video link amongst the plethora of other links we all get and delete somehow resonated more than all those other stories and information combined. I guess I saw my daughters in this video and I felt the imaginary pain and fear. Then the sad reality hit me that for other families, the families who have suffered the loss or injury of loved ones in car wrecks caused by distracted driving, the loss, suffering and pain are all too real.

I hope this post might also resonate with others so that this issue and video breathes life into a subject that truly intends to keep the breath of life into those we love.

Finally, trust me I know this is not at all a “kid” issue. It is a reminder to all of us, professionals, and mom’s and dad’s to set the right example. I guess this is one time I am glad I slowed down and simply didn’t hit delete key, as I tried to clear my in-box at the start of a another busy day.

Here’s to wishing all of us a renewal, and remembrance, of the immeasurable value of the lessons of safe driving. It truly is a matter of life and death for the ones we love. Be careful, be cautious, take care out there.

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