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Technology & Patient Information — Three New Mobile Applications


The first of the applications is called “Vree”. It is an application, which runs on the IPhone and the IPod Touch. The application includes features including:

  • Diabetes education – interactive lessons to help understand diabetes.
  • Blood Glucose tracking – reminders to check glucose and record it.
  • Nutrition tracking – calculates nutritional information for foods and counts calories.
  • Activity tracking – record physical activity
  • Medication tracking – track medication information and set medication reminders.
  • Progress charts – Tracks and evaluates progress to permit easy review with health care professionals.

The second application is called iChemoDiary. It is an application that operates on IPhones, IPod Touch and n computers. It acts as a personal oncology diary, allowing patients to record:

  • Chemotherapy schedule
  • Treatment schedule
  • Medication notifications
  • Records symptoms for tracking

The third application is called iManage Migraine. This application, like the previous two, works on iPhone and iPod Touch. It provides resources for migraine sufferers, including:

Migraine Management Square – Learning Tools:

  • Understand what migraine is
  • Identify potential migraine triggers and symptoms
  • Understand types of migraine treatment options
  • Work with your health care provider to create an action plan to help manage your personal experience with migraine

Migraine Journal — a tracking tool:

  • Symptoms and potential triggers
  • Information about pain intensity and location
  • Potential triggers
  • Treatment used
  • Notes about your day that you can review with your health care provider

Analysis — graphs to help you and your health care provider better understand and use the information entered in your Migraine Journal over a 30-, 60- and 90-day time period.

The information in connection with these applications demonstrates software that may be of invaluable use to patients and physicians. All three applications are offered by pharmaceutical company, Merck.

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