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Garbage Trucks

Although garbage trucks are not as large and heavy as tractor-trailers, they are considered among the most dangerous vehicles on the road for a number of reasons. Pursuing claims after a garbage truck accident can be difficult because these vehicles may be operated by government entities or companies under contract with local governments. An experienced Tallahassee truck accident lawyer at Searcy Denney knows how to overcome the challenges and fight effectively for full and fair compensation for injuries.

Why Garbage Trucks are So Dangerous

Recycling and garbage trucks prove hazardous to cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, and others on the roads for several reasons:

  • Garbage and recycling trucks often operate very early in the morning when it is dark
  • These trucks stop frequently, often with little warning
  • To save time, drivers often stop in the middle of the road rather than pulling to the side
  • Garbage trucks have extremely large blind spots
  • Loads are often out of balance, making it harder to control the vehicle and leading to the potential for rollovers, particularly on ramps with tight turns
  • Garbage and recycling trucks frequently drop debris, leaving hazards on the roadway

While we need these vehicles to keep our homes and businesses clean and safe, the entities that operate trash collection services have a duty to ensure that garbage and recycling trucks operate safely. When they fail to fulfill that duty, the operators should be held liable for the resulting injuries.

Recovering Compensation After a Garbage Truck Accident in Tallahassee

No matter how severely you have been injured, a Tallahassee truck accident lawyer knows that you must take certain steps in order to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, emotional anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. You need to gather evidence and build a case to demonstrate that the company responsible for operating or maintaining the garbage truck did not behave with appropriate responsibility and that their lack of responsibility caused the accident that led to your injuries.

This requires considerable effort. The best evidence will only be available for a short time after the accident, so it is best to begin working with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Tallahassee as soon as possible. As time passes, footage from traffic or security cameras showing what led up to the accident is likely to be erased or recorded over. The recollections of witnesses become less reliable. The scene of the accident will change. It is important to collect and preserve evidence to demonstrate to the insurance company that you are likely to succeed in court. This will often prompt the insurance company to offer a fair settlement.

Work with the Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys in Tallahassee

The commercial companies that operate garbage trucks have experienced legal teams to fight claims of liability, so if you have been injured in a truck accident, you need to have a dedicated and knowledgeable legal team to protect your rights and achieve a fair recovery. Searcy Denney attorneys know how to stand up to insurance companies and gain the full and fair damage award you deserve for your losses. Contact us online or call 888-549-7011 today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you recover. 

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