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Summer Safety — Obey Florida’s Traffic Laws


South Florida’s “Staying Alive on 95 & Florida’s Roadways” campaign officially has ushered in summer, a season that sees many motorists driving to their vacation destinations.

The campaign, sponsored by the Dori Slosberg Foundation, involves law-enforcement saturations on Interstate 95 and other major thoroughfares across Palm Beach County, as well as in Martin and Port Saint Lucie counties and Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

“The expansion of the ‘Staying Alive on 95 & Florida’s Roadways’ event is gratifying to witness and be part of,” Tara Kirschner, executive director of the foundation, told the Sun-Sentinel. “This program is a vehicle to impart the message of safe and responsible driving, as well to honor all of the individuals in law enforcement who risk their lives to keep us safe on the roads.”

Summer Vacation Driving

Officers are issuing citations predominately to speeders and those who are uninsured, don’t buckle up and fail to follow the Move Over law, in which motorists must move at least one lane away from stopped emergency vehicles. Drivers with suspended or revoked licenses and who are driving under the influence also are being nabbed.

A fundraising dinner in Boynton Beach kicked of the initiative – now in its 10th year.

“It’s you guys that I fight for in Tallahassee,” state Rep. Irving Slosberg told the Sun-Sentinel, referring to the law-enforcement officers in the audience. “It’s you guys that I pound the table for. I tell them to leave you guys alone and pick somebody else’s pocket.”

Slosberg established the foundation in 2004, in memory of his daughter, Dori, who died in a car crash with four other teenagers. Dori was not wearing her seatbelt.

The “Staying Alive on 95 & Florida’s Roadways” campaign not only is about issuing citations and making arrests, it’s also about raising awareness and promoting the Sunshine State’s driving laws with the goal of making summer safer behind the wheel.

“The increased presence of officers is part of an effort to promote seat belt use and decrease distracted driving to reduce car-crash fatalities and serious injuries,” Slosberg said.

Consumers can use the following automobile-safety tips to protect themselves and their families, and others sharing the road, this summer – and all year long. For additional tips, visit the Dori Slosberg Foundation.

  • Never text and drive. If you do, an accident is imminent. Put away your cell phone when you take the driver’s seat.
  •  Never drink and drive. Always have a designated driver, just in case.
  • If taking a road trip, make sure you are well-rested so you don’t fall asleep behind the wheel. Another tip: Avoid eating lots of carbohydrates while driving, as they induce drowsiness.
  • Stay alert by listening to the radio, talking with passengers and minding your surroundings. But don’t become distracted.
  •  If you’re traveling with small children, have the correct kind of car seat. Adults should wear safety belts at all times.
  •   Be aware of weather conditions as you drive. In South Florida, they change rapidly and dramatically. During heavy rains, slow down or, if visibility is bad, pull off the road.

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