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More Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Cases Filed


Courtesy of WikiCommons and EraSoft24We’ve filed another 65 cases this week in the rapidly growing Stryker Rejuvenate litigation centered in New Jersey state court. Our clients have suffered terrible injuries caused by Stryker’s negligence in how they designed their Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implants. All of them have been forced to undergo painful revision surgeries due to corrosion and malfunctioning devices.

These Stryker hip systems were recalled in June of 2012 due to serious concerns that the modular junction between the neck were failing, causing the release of metal debris into the surrounding tissue and bloodstream. Since the recall, thousands of patients have been forced to undergo painful revision surgeries that require removing the femoral stem, neck, head and liner from the hip.

Victims of the recall can suffer from metal poisoning, called metallosis, as well as painful pseudotumors and fluid build-ups in their hip. Removal of the stem causes femoral fracture and removal of a large amount of soft tissue and muscle, in some cases leading to chronic dislocation requiring re-revision. Removing the recalled parts is not the end of the story for many. Many doctors are seeing return of the fluid collections and tumors up to one year after revision surgery. Too many of Searcy Denney’s clients have been ended up disabled and in every day pain due to multiple revision surgeries and serious femur fractures caused by the difficult removal process.

We currently have over 440 filed cases in New Jersey State court, and we expect to file many more before the end of summer. These 65 newly filed cases include victims from all over the country – not just Florida. If you are the victim of a defective Stryker implant we are here to help. We are more than willing to discuss your situation and potential case at no cost to you.

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