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Should I Get a Lawyer for a Slip and Fall Incident?


Slip and fall accidents are among the most common causes of injuries suffered by people of all ages. Too often, store owners and managers have many day-to-day activities to deal with and may not notice dangerous conditions on their premises or may simply adopt an “I’ll get to it later” approach.

If you have suffered a personal injury, contact the slip and fall attorneys in Florida at Searcy Denney for help.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

The answer is almost always “yes.” The primary reasons you should retain an attorney for a slip and fall accident include:

  • Slip and Fall Attorneys in Florida Gather Evidence and Talk to Witnesses. Lawyers gather various types of evidence for a living. They will visit the scene of the accident to take pictures and will speak with multiple witnesses. Lawyers understand what to ask witnesses to gather the needed evidence. They can also locate people who have had problems with this property in the past, allowing them to show a known pattern of negligence. 
  • Our Lawyers Can Establish Liability. Lawyers are necessary to prove defendant liability, which is, of course, the primary task at hand. In slip and fall accidents, it can be challenging to establish that you were not at fault for the incident, but rather the defendant was negligent. A lawyer can examine the evidence and determine the difference between you slipping due to your negligence and a defendant who, for example, knew it was raining and that their floors were slippery but failed to take proper precautions. 
  • Slip and Fall Lawyers Understand Attorneys and Courts. Attorneys are adept at dealing with other attorneys and judges, many of whom they already know. They understand how to conduct pre-trial litigation, discovery, and trials. You won’t have to speak during mediation, trials, or various types of motions as you move through the litigation process. An attorney can also help you file claims, appeals, and settlements. 
  • We Deal With Settlements. Speaking of settlements, they are often a cost and time-effective method for dispensing with your claim. Attorneys understand how to negotiate, how to value your claim, and when you’ve reached that critical point where all of the compensation you will be able to recover is already on the table. These are skills that laypersons simply don’t have.

Contact Our Slip and Fall Attorneys in Florida for Help With Your Claim

Whether or not to hire a lawyer is your first main decision if you have suffered a personal injury. If you are considering a lawyer for your Florida personal injury claim, contact our slip and fall attorneys in Florida at Searcy Denney. We offer a free consultation and work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay unless you recover. If you need our help, contact us online today.

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