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A Season for Remembering Our Blessings


Thank you for You

What does Thanksgiving represent to you?

A day of football? A day with family and friends where everyone eats too much, talks too much and then falls asleep together?

If you get to eat, drink and be merry…be consciously thankful, too.

There are people across this country who will want to sit down to a big dinner of turkey, yams and stuffing, but they will not. They cannot. They had to pay the rent or the electric bill or buy shoes for their child…they must make these tough choices every day and holidays have become nothing special.

There are elderly people who can no longer afford to buy all this “special” food or can not get out of their houses to get it.

Thanksgiving is simply too big a luxury for them. A luxury they and their children can not afford.

There are far too many people that life has passed by and people have forgotten.

We have a lawyer here in our firm who quietly goes about every thanksgiving putting contributions together. Those contributions include food and money. She does not cajole, beg or berate; because that is not necessary in our firm. We see it every day in the people who have been tragically injured; have lost jobs; and who cannot afford to pay for even their medical bills.

So, we are proud that Laurie Briggs enlists the help of many, many employees in our firm and each year puts together enough money…to buy enough turkeys…to provide that Thanksgiving “luxury” to over 60 families in Palm Beach County.

Our employees take money contributed by other employees and go to stores to stand in line to purchase the “maximum” number of turkeys the store will sell to each customer. Who knew that grocery stores limited the number of turkeys per customer? Then, Laurie and her Thanksgiving elves accumulate the turkeys and get them distributed to places where others will be providing Thanksgiving Day dinner for families in Palm Beach County who would otherwise go without.

As we sit down to feast this Thanksgiving we all know the things in our life for which we are thankful; our family, our friends, the food on the table and the roof over our heads. And, those things are all hard earned…hard kept.

As you sit at the table, give thanks that “but the grace of God go I”, and ask for comfort for all those less fortunate who go hungry this Thanksgiving without the Thanksgiving elves who give of so much of their time, energy and love to those less fortunate.

Happy thanksgiving to you and to yours from our family to yours. May you and your family be blessed with joy and love this Thanksgiving holiday.

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