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Samsung Problems: Cell Phones, Washing Machines

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Samsung’s products are injuring consumers with each passing day as cases of exploding cell phones and washing machines continue to mount.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) has received nearly 100 reports of overheating Galaxy Note7 mobile devices linked to more than one dozen instances of burns, in addition to almost 50 property-damage claims. Regarding washing machines, there are 733 instances of violent vibrating occurring during the spin cycle resulting in the top to detaching from the unit. According to the commission, a broken jaw, wounded shoulder and other harm has been caused from direct impact. Now, the company once revered for its digital technology, most-notably its high-definition, flat-screen televisions, has come under fire and been forced to issues massive recalls.

Smartphone in fire Isolated on Black Background.

Smartphone Fire

CNET’s Sean Hollister explains: “The company stopped all sales and shipments of the Note7, worked with government agencies and cellular carriers around the world to provide refunds and exchanges for the phone, and apparently it still wasn’t enough: As of October 10, as many as five of the supposedly safe replacement Note7 phones have caught fire as well, and Samsung is asking all users to shut down their phones,” Hollister writes in an article titled “Here’s why Samsung Note7 phones are catching fire.” “As of October 13, Samsung is officially recalling every single Note7, including replacement units.”

A total of 34 models of washing machines have been recalled for issues that seem to be related to a malfunctioning support rod.

Good Housekeeping’s Carolyn Forte explains: “Today’s washers have very fast spin cycles to extract as much water as possible from the laundry load,” Forte says in an article titled “Samsung Top-Load Washing Machines Recalled Due to Risk of Impact Injuries.”  “The excessive vibration may be dislodging some of the parts that are supposed to keep the machine together.”

If you have a Galaxy Note7, you are urged to stop using it immediately and power the device off then contact the manufacturer for a refund – not a replacement – as the replacement devices have been exploding, as well. There also are reports of another type of Samsung cell phone – the Galaxy J5, exploding.

“Samsung has announced an expanded voluntary recall on all original and replacement Galaxy Note7 devices sold or exchanged in the United States in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and in partnership with carriers and retailers,” the corporate Web site states. “Since the affected devices can overheat and pose a safety risk, we are asking consumers with a Galaxy Note7 to power it down and contact the carrier or retail outlet where they purchased their device.”

If you own a washing machine that is one of the 733 reported to the USCPSC to have exploded, you can reach out to Samsung for a repair, rebate or refund. To find out whether you have a washing machine on the recall list, click here.

The company states the recall “was driven by reports highlighting the risk that the drums in these washers may lose balance, triggering excessive vibrations, resulting in the top separating from the washer. This can occur when a high-speed spin cycle is used for bedding, water-resistant or bulky items and presents an injury risk to consumer.”

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