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Reading to Children — Taking Time to Care


We were allowed to go to a local elementary school, Hope Centennial Elementary here in West Palm Beach, and read a book to the children.

I think the kids enjoyed themselves. I, and my colleagues, had a wonderful time!

Our law firm sees injured people daily and we try to do what we can to help them. It is our business, but we hear tough and heartbreaking stories daily and it is always difficult to experience the suffering that people must go through when they have been injured.

It is not often we can just be with children who are bright, adorable and full of the joy that goes with, well, just being kids. It is not often we are provided the opportunity to sit with a group of these children and enjoy the experience of reading.

The American Academy for Pediatrics strongly recommends reading to children from birth in order to stimulate development of the brain, language and to develop a stronger emotional relationship with your child.

I can tell you that if you can instill a love for reading in a child, you have just provided him or her with a skill that will allow them to learn anything and do anything they want to do.

It was simply a joy for me to watch each of their beautiful faces light up as we read “Book, Book, Book” together and followed all sorts of farm animals to the local library (you will have to read the book to understand the context).

But, Mariano Garcia, Laurie Briggs and Cathy Coia, and I had the time of our lives.

In fact, because the school is a “dual language” institution, Mariano Garcia read in both English and Spanish. The dual language program allows children to learn their studies in both English and Spanish.

I really hope that Hope Centennial invites us back for another chance for us to have fun reading to these wonderful children.

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