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PTSD Stemming from Vehicle Accidents in Tallahassee

Car Accidents

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Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD first came to public attention in connection with combat veterans with mental conditions that made it hard for them to live a “normal” life after the traumatic events they experienced in wartime. However, many people in Tallahassee experience PTSD caused by other trauma in their lives, including motor vehicle accidents. 

A Tallahassee accident lawyer explains how PTSD affects accident victims and how those affected may receive compensation and assistance to help with recovery.

What Exactly is PTSD?

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder caused by experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. It can be diagnosed in people of all ages. People with PTSD may relive the trauma repeatedly through flashbacks and nightmares that last long after the event has ended. Feelings of overwhelming fear, sadness, or anger can leave victims feeling distanced from life and people around them. 

Often, individuals with PTSD react strongly to ordinary actions or noises that trigger a revival of the trauma. A Tallahassee accident lawyer knows it can be difficult or impossible for those with PTSD to live with others the same way they did before the trauma. 

Events That Can Trigger PTSD

Wartime experiences are well known to cause PTSD in some who endured combat situations. In fact, this type of disorder used to be referred to as “shell shock.”

Psychiatrists now realize many types of trauma can lead to PTSD,including criminal attacks. People in Tallahassee who experience PTSD may be more likely to suffer this disorder due to a tragic accidental trauma such as that caused by a: 

Personal injury lawyers also see PTSD caused by other situations, such as when a patient goes to a hospital or doctor they trust and suffer traumatic injuries caused by medical malpractice. Victims may relive the incident over and over so that they never fully recover. PTSD can interrupt everything from sleep patterns to personal relationships, and destroy the victim’s quality of life.

Victims Suffering PTSD After an Accident Could Receive Compensation for Their Suffering

As a recognized disorder, PTSD is considered an injury for which an accident victim can receive compensation after a car accident or other type of vehicle accident. The losses associated with PTSD could also be factors included in an award of damages. 

For instance, a vehicle accident victim who is unable to drive due to trauma might receive compensation for their suffering with PTSD symptoms as well as compensation to make up for the additional expense of hiring someone to transport them after the accident. A Tallahassee vehicle accident lawyer familiar with PTSD cases could review the circumstances to determine the compensation that might be available based on the circumstances.

Work with a Tallahassee Vehicle Accident Lawyer Who Understands PTSD

If you or a loved one is suffering symptoms of PTSD after an accident, it is wise to consult an attorney who understands the effects of this disorder and its impact on your life. An experienced Tallahassee vehicle accident lawyer could help you recover compensation after your trauma and help you find the right counselors to help you move forward. For a no-obligation consultation to learn how the knowledgeable and compassionate accident attorneys at Searcy Denney could assist after your accident, contact us online now.

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