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Overweight Teens Make for Overweight Adults and Serious Heart Risks


In a study released on May 21, 2012, the Journal Pediatrics reported that half of the nation’s overweight teens have unhealthy blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar levels that put them at high risk for future heart attacks and other cardiac problems.

Unfortunately, we’re losing the battle early with many kids.  People can keep their risk of heart disease very low if they reach age 45 or 50 at normal weight and with normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol and no diabetes. The study demonstrates that half of our overweight teens have higher than normal blood pressure, cholesterol and/or blood sugar levels. So, today’s teens have a 20 or 30 year head start on heart disease.

It is important now more than ever to set a good example for our children by eating healthy, exercising, and keeping our weight within normal limits.  Eating healthy does not mean you can’t have an occasional donut, burger or fries.  As with most everything, moderation is the key to success.

Good eating habits learned at an early age can carry us to adulthood; avoiding many health care issues that may arise such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiac problems.

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