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NuvaRing Settlement Announced


The NuvaRing New Jersey court has just announced today that a settlement agreement has been reached between Plaintiffs’ counsel and Merck for a sum of $100 million. NuvaRing is a popular contraceptive among women that increases the risk for fatal blood clots. The device is produced by Merck and its subsidiary Organon Inc. and is inserted into the uterus where it releases low doses of progestin and estrogen over a period of three weeks.

The settlement program will be administered by BrownGreer, which is also administering both the recent DePuy hip settlement, Biomet settlement, and the Yaz Gallbladder settlement. BrownGreer is an experienced law firm which deals in administering massive mass torts settlements. The settlement is nationwide in scope and is available to all qualifying plaintiffs in all jurisdictions – including the federal MDL, the New Jersey proceedings, and any other state or federal court. It is also available to those claimants who have not yet filed a lawsuit.

Of course, Merck can walk away from this settlement if more than 5% of qualifying plaintiffs or claimants reject the terms of the settlement. Your attorney will help you make this decision. It’s definitely an important one.

According to the Court, this settlement is intended to be the final resolution to the NuvaRing litigation. Both parties worked tirelessly to hash out the terms (which you can read in the Master Settlement Agreement) for months. The litigation itself has lasted for over five years, and has been a hard-fought case by both sides. We here at Searcy Denney are happy to see it resolved.

Our NuvaRing clients should expect a status update shortly.

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