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Newton, Connecticut — A Tragic Loss of Innocents


I am without understanding for the events that occurred in Newton, Connecticut or how the needless slaughter of 20 innocent children and (6) educators could happen.

Our thoughts, our sympathies and our sorrow go out to the parents and family of those murdered by Adam Lanza. Although we have some understanding of the loss suffered by those who lose loved ones, it is not typically in the horrific ways in which these survivors lost loved ones at Sandy Hook Elementary School in nearly the blink of an eye.

My wife has been a lifelong educator and is currently a principal of an elementary school herself. She knows each one of her students, she cares about each one of her students, and would do anything to protect them from harm. I am sure that was exactly the sort of emotion going through the minds of the principal, the young 29 year old intern, the special education assistant who tried to shield her students, the school psychologist, the first grade teacher who saved 15 or 16 of her children, and the aspiring substitute teacher; all needlessly killed.

How do we explain a man who comes to a school filled with innocent children with “hundreds of rounds of deadly ammunition” for his rifle and “two semiautomatic pistols, with multiple high capacity clips”? How do we explain to school children and those who try to educate them that they are at this sort of risk and that “code reds” are a reality in a civilization that by this time should be much more evolved?

As the people in the community of Newton, Connecticut work through the shock and the loss, we hope they will ultimately find relief for their losses and comfort for their grief.

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