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Epstein Apologizes to Edwards…But, it is not over yet

What happened today?

Attorney Bradley Edwards and Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley are proud to announce that, after litigating against billionaire child molester Jeffrey Epstein for nearly a decade, Mr. Edwards prevailed, and a major settlement has been achieved on Mr. Edwards’s behalf.

Although the financial terms of the settlement are confidential, Jeffrey Epstein’s public apology to Brad Edwards confirms the charges Edwards leveled against Epstein on behalf of Epstein’s child victims were true and that the retaliatory charges Epstein leveled against Mr. Edwards were categorically false:

“While Mr. Edwards was representing clients against me, I filed a lawsuit against him in which I made allegations about him that the evidence conclusively proves were absolutely false.  The truth was that his aggressive investigation and litigation style was highly effective and therefore troublesome for me. The lawsuit I filed was my unreasonable attempt to damage his business reputation and cause Mr. Edwards to stop pursuing cases against me.  It did not work.  Despite my efforts, he continued to do an excellent job for his clients and, through his relentless pursuit, held me responsible.  I am now admitting that I was wrong and that the things I said to try to harm Mr. Edwards’s reputation as a trial lawyer were false.  I sincerely apologize for the false and hurtful allegations I made and hope some forgiveness for my acknowledgment of wrongdoing.”

– Jeffrey Epstein

Early in his legal career, Mr. Edwards was hired to represent 3 females who were molested by Jeffrey Epstein when they were very young teenage girls.  Mr. Epstein did not appreciate Mr. Edwards’s no-stone-left-unturned prosecution of the civil cases against him and especially disliked that Mr. Edwards filed a lawsuit under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CVRA), Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 v. United States of America, Case No. 08-80736 (S.D. Fla.), attacking the Non-Prosecution Agreement afforded to Mr. Epstein by the United States, which essentially immunized Epstein for molesting dozens of children.  In an effort to intimidate Mr. Edwards away from the good work he was doing on behalf of Epstein’s many victims, Jeffrey Epstein filed a malicious and vindictive lawsuit against Brad Edwards.  Searcy Denney Attorney, Jack Scarola, stepped in to defend Mr. Edwards against Epstein’s fabricated claims. After successfully fending off the assault on Mr. Edwards, Edwards took to the offense by countersuing Epstein for malicious prosecution. That claim, set for trial this morning, alleged that Epstein’s lawsuit against Mr. Edwards was an extortion attempt targeted at intimidating Brad Edwards and Epstein’s child victims.

Where We Go From Here

What Jeffrey Epstein did to his child victims is heinous.  What he tried to do to the victims’ attorney was shameful. Now that Brad Edwards has been vindicated, he is able to place an even greater focus on the Crime Victims’ Rights Act case which he has litigated on a Pro Bono basis for more than 10 years.  Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart and Shipley, led by attorney Jack Scarola, has this morning joined Mr. Edwards’s heroic efforts by entering a formal appearance in Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 v. United States of America, the Crime Victims’ Rights Act proceeding that is pending against the Federal Government.

Mr. Scarola will also be assisting on a purely pro bono basis to invalidate the “back room” sweetheart plea deal negotiated by Epstein’s team of high profile lawyers. That unusual deal not only granted Jeffrey Epstein immunity from federal prosecution for potentially hundreds of sexual offenses against minors, but also gave “get-out-of-jail free cards” to all of Epstein’s unnamed co-conspirators. Mr. Edwards filed the Crime Victims’ Rights Act case in 2008, after the Federal Government secretly negotiated that plea agreement with Jeffrey Epstein without providing the legally-required notice to his victims.

Searcy Denney is honored to now be helping Brad Edwards and his co-counsel, Utah Law Professor Paul Cassell, to be the voices of the dozens of identified Epstein victims in their pending effort to set aside the secret, illegal deal that enabled Jeffrey Epstein to evade appropriate punishment for his destruction of dozens of lives. His victims have been silenced for far too long; however, thanks to Mr. Edwards’s work, and the excellent journalism and media coverage over the past week, their voices are finally being heard.

Scarola summed up his thoughts on the case in this statement: “This law firm has always been proud to stand with innocent victims, but our satisfaction in keeping that commitment has never been greater than it is in this case. No one — no matter how much money they have — can be allowed to abuse children and then attempt to bully those like Brad Edwards who bravely, selflessly, and skillfully come to their defense. There is a high price to pay for that kind of conduct, and Jeffrey Epstein has now begun to pay that price.”

We look forward to exposing the rest of the story.

Brad Edwards is the managing partner at Edwards Pottinger, based in Fort Lauderdale, and Jack Scarola at Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart and Shipley is representing Bradley Edwards. Mr. Edwards and his attorney are available for comment.

Courtroom proceedings 12/4/18

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