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National Tire Safety Week Should Be Practiced Every Day!

Car Accidents

Flat tire – ruined time

#KnowYourRoll. That’s the official hashtag for National Tire Safety Week, an initiative of the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA). But, this should be a practice for every day.

The industry association’s goal is to educate and inform consumers about the importance of checking their tires regularly and ensuring they are fit to hit the road.

It’s no coincidence that National Tire Safety Week wraps up Memorial Day, the holiday that kicks off the start of summer and the start of summer vacations. A survey by AAA revealed that the number of American travelers in this year will near 100 million, with most getting out of town in June, July and August.

“The great American road trip is still one of the best ways for families to relax and reconnect with one another,” Stacey Barber, of AAA Travel Information & Content, said in an article about the survey. “This is quickly shaping up to be another busy year for family travelers, both on the roadways, as well as other popular travel destinations and attractions. To make the most of their vacations, AAA recommends families plan and research as far ahead as possible to avoid missing out on popular activities and fun.”

Fun could turn into fatality as quickly as a blowout. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 738 vehicular deaths were caused by tire malfunction in 2017.

“Many of these crashes can be prevented through proper tire maintenance – including tire inflation and rotation – and understanding tire labels, tire aging, and recalls and complaints,” according to TireWise, a public-service announcement issued by the agency

Tires are the only thing between the occupants of a vehicle and the road. They should be a first line of defense. But many consumers are complacent about inspecting them and that can be a big mistake.

It’s important to make sure your tires are ready to handle the extra miles you may travel while enjoying the warmer weather.

Four top tips every driver needs to know.

  • Air pressure and tread depth should be checked once a month.
  • The age of a tire is directly proportional to its failure rate. Six years is the cut-off date.
  • A roadside-assistance plan should be in place every time a driver gets behind the wheel.
  • The vehicle should not be overloaded. Tires have weight limits.

Also, take care not to underinflate or overinflate tires.

For proper tire inflation levels, check your vehicle owner’s manual or the tire manufacturer’s website.

Improper inflation also harms the environment – another good reason consumers should stay on top of their monthly checks.

Everyone, please drive safely, smartly and avoid accidents.

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