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Mystery Ingredients and Nutritional Supplements

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They are called “nutritional supplements”, “health additives” and “body enhancers”. Whatever the name, make no mistake, these are engineered drugs.

The Palm Beach Post had an editorial on Sunday related to an issue that Alyssa Diedwardo has written about a great deal. In fact, Alyssa talked in August of 2008, about the very problem that has led to the suspension of two major league baseball players.

The two unfortunate players, JC Romero and Sergio Mitre each went to a “health store” and purchased entirely legal compounds, right off the shelf: Halodrol and 6-oxo.  Both of these gentlemen tested positive for steroids.

A word of warning to consumers, and a particular word of warning to unwary adolescents, READ the ingredients! After you’ve read them, reasearch them! Few people know what andrographis is or if it safe or not. This is an industry that, for all intents and purpose, is completely unregulated. Arguably, in fact, it often appears as if the “health” supplement industry is experimenting as it goes along…with the public at large.

I invite you to read more about this industry and some of the problems being seen by visiting our Herbal Supplement website and check out articles written by Alyssa Diedwardo.

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