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May Your Thanksgiving Be Full and Joyful


What does Thanksgiving represent to you?

A day of football? A day with family and friends where everyone eats too much, talks too much and then falls asleep together?

If you get to eat, drink and be merry…be thankful.

We have a lawyer here in our firm who quietly goes about every thanksgiving putting contributions together. She does not cajole, beg or berate; because she does not have to. After many years of her dedication and the dedication of many other employees of our firm, the rest of us get it now, we understand.

There are people who will want to sit down to a big dinner of turkey, yams and stuffing, but they will not. They can not. They had to pay rent or the electric bill or buy shoes for their child…they have to make tough choices and Thanksgiving is simply too big a luxury for them.

So, Lawyer Laurie Briggs, each year puts together enough money…to buy enough turkeys…to provide that Thanksgiving “luxury” to over 70 families in Palm Beach County. She commandeers many of our employees to take money contributed by other employees and sends them out to grocery stores to purchase turkeys. Who knew that grocery stores limited the number of turkeys per customer? Then, Laurie and her Thanksgiving elves accumulate the turkeys and get them distributed to places that others will be providing Thanksgiving Day dinner for families in Palm Beach County who would otherwise go without.

Laurie did not grow up privileged and she knows many people who grew up not being sure about the next meal; let alone Thanksgiving.

So, as we sit down to feast this Thanksgiving we have so many things in our life for which we should be thankful and, now, there is one more; we should all be thankful for the Laurie Briggs’ in the world who do what we do not, but we are so thankful she does.

Happy thanksgiving to you and to yours.

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