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Juul to Pay North Carolina $40 Million in Settlement of Vaping Lawsuits


Juul, the maker of the most popular e-cigarette in the United States, continues to face lawsuits and criticism concerning its marketing practices towards youths. A recent settlement between Juul and the state of North Carolina sheds light on what may happen with other Juul lawsuits across the country.

Under the settlement agreement, Juul will pay the state of North Carolina $40 million, which will be used to fund vaping and smoking cessation programs as well as vaping prevention, among other programs. Juul stated that the settlement agreement “is consistent with” its continued effort to “combat underage usage and advance the opportunity for harm reduction for adult smokers.”

As part of the $40 million settlement, Juul agreed to change its business practices (which would be enforceable in North Carolina courts) in numerous ways. A few examples include the following:

  • Cease marketing geared towards individuals under the age of 21;
  • Cease social media advertising, influencer advertising, outdoor advertising near schools, and sponsorships at concerts and sporting events;
  • Ensure e-cigarettes are sold behind counters; and
  • Cease the introduction of new flavors or nicotine content levels without prior authorization from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Juul is blamed for contributing to the e-cigarette epidemic among youths, and the Attorney General of North Carolina agrees, stating: “[f]or years, Juul targeted young people, including teens, with its highly addictive e-cigarette…lit the spark and fanned the flames of a vaping epidemic among our children – one that you can see in any high school in North Carolina.”

The recent settlement with North Carolina is just one step towards resolving a hefty docket that has consumed courtrooms nationwide, as further discussed below.

Juul Lawyer Discusses Injuries Associated with Juul E-Cigarettes

Juul faces lawsuits not only against states, cities, municipalities, and school districts. Juul faces lawsuits against children, teenagers, and adults who have been injured or have become seriously ill from using Juul e-cigarettes. Because of Juul’s marketing practices, many children under the age of eighteen developed a dangerous addiction to the attractive e-cigarettes.

Examples of injuries alleged in lawsuits filed against Juul across the country include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Seizures;
  • Nicotine Addiction;
  • Nicotine Poisoning;
  • Respiratory Conditions;
  • Lung Damage;
  • Stroke;
  • Heart Conditions;
  • Heart Attacks;
  • Mental Health Conditions; and
  • Suicide.

Juul and other e-cigarette makers are not regulated in the same way as other products that pose a risk of harm to consumers. As such, Juul has not previously been required to warn consumers of all known risks. Many injured victims are minors, and their injuries may be permanent, leading to a long life of health issues.

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