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Jack the Bikeman: Making Christmas a Little More Joyous One Child at a Time


I have written recently about the “Santa Claus of Bikes”: Jack Hairston.

Our firm and many of our employees were a part of the Jack the Bikeman experience on Sunday. Jack was successful in putting bikes in the hands of nearly 800 kids. By the time we had finished, few bikes were left from the warehouse packed full when we arrived Sunday morning.

To watch the kids file into the warehouse housing the bikes and see their faces light up to be given a bike of their very own was like reliving Christmas morning when I was a kid each time. The joy each child clearly experienced made it all worth the hard work that went into moving bikes from warehouse to child.

The Searcy Denney staff collected bikes, both new and used, for three months before this event. We sent employees out to pick up bikes from people who wanted to donate, but could not get the bikes to Jack. Our employees also contributed new bikes and funds to assist Jack the Bikeman in his quest to make as many kids happy at Christmas time as he could by giving them the responsibility and the freedom a bike provides to a child.

Although we were not able to begin distributing bikes until around 9:00 am, some families were lined up as early as 4:00 am to stake their place in line for a bike.

At the end of a very long day, around 800 kids were just a little happier that they had a bike for Christmas and few bikes went without owners.

Many Searcy Denney employees were involved in the preparations to make sure that Sunday’s bike give away went forward and we are proud to have been involved.

Thank you, Jack the Bikeman!

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