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IVC Filter Lawyer Discusses Recent Verdict Awarding Injured Woman $3.3 Million

Mass Torts

Inferior vena cava (IVC) filters are implantable medical devices intended to prevent blood clots that develop in the legs from traveling to the lungs. The IVC is a large vein in the middle of the body. IVC filters can be either removable or permanent. However, many removable IVC filters tend to remain in a patient’s body permanently, as removal may become difficult or impossible.

Numerous brands and types of IVC filters are the subjects of large nationwide litigation involving tens of thousands of injured plaintiffs. Some IVC filter trials have gone the defendants’ way, but a recent verdict went the other way when a Wisconsin jury awarded the injured plaintiff $3.3 million.

The injured plaintiff was implanted with C.R. Bard, Inc.’s Meridian IVC Filter in 2013 prior to undergoing a procedure to treat varicose veins. The purpose of implanting the IVC filter was to prevent blog clots from getting to the lungs and causing a pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal.

Rather than prevent a potentially fatal injury, the Meridian IVC filter caused the woman to suffer serious injuries that required surgical intervention. In 2018, a CT scan performed on the injured plaintiff revealed that the Meridian IVC filter had fractured, and a piece of the broken filter was in the plaintiff’s heart.

Additionally, a broken piece of the filter was embedded in the plaintiff’s vein above the original location of the filter. The plaintiff underwent surgery to remove the fractured pieces, a procedure that was dangerous and potentially fatal. Thankfully, the plaintiff survived and was able to seek justice for her suffering.

Common IVC Filter Injuries – IVC Filter Lawyer Explains

The IVC filter litigation involves numerous manufacturers and numerous products. Injured clients have suffered a variety of injuries that include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Filter fracture;
  • Filter migration;
  • Organ perforation;
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Blood clots;
  • Infection;
  • Vein perforation; and
  • Misplacement of the filter.

The type of IVC filter at issue is extremely important when evaluating potential IVC filter injuries. Not every IVC filter on the market is the subject of litigation. As such, a qualified IVC filter lawyer must review a potential client’s medical records to determine (1) whether an IVC filter was implanted, (2) whether that IVC filter is the subject of pending litigation, and (3) what type of injuries the potential client suffered.

Contact the IVC Filter Lawyers of Searcy Denney Today

If you have sustained injuries related to an IVC filter placed in your body or you wish to help a loved one who has suffered IVC filter injuries, contact an IVC filter lawyer who can review your or your loved one’s potential legal claim.

The IVC filter lawyers of Searcy Denney represent clients nationwide in numerous mass tort litigations. Our lawyers routinely hold leadership positions and have a reputation for successfully obtaining compensation for injured clients.

To receive a free case evaluation, contact Searcy Denney today by calling (800) 780-8607 or by completing a case inquiry form on our website.

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