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Is Your “Free Consultation” Really Free?


At Searcy Denney, the answer is actually “yes.” Like all meaningful consultations, we have two particular goals for our free initial consultation:

  1. To allow both our attorney and the prospective client to get to know each other and be sure both sides are comfortable, and
  2. To examine the prospective client’s issue and the evidence they may have to determine whether they have a valid and winnable case.

If you have what you believe to be a valid claim, contact a personal injury lawyer in Florida at Searcy Denney for your free consultation.

Why Some “Free” Consultations Don’t Work

Not all law firms have such specific goals, and their initial consultations don’t work out well for either side. A primary reason is that the “free” consultation offer is so vague that prospects aren’t sure what value they will receive in return for giving the firm their time. Prospective clients like to understand what they’re getting into before the consultation even begins. The smart law firms lay out exactly what the consultation is about, as demonstrated above.

Some consultations don’t work because the client doesn’t know anything about the law firm. Again, smart law firms allow prospects to get to know them by allowing them to see the firm’s content through its website and blogs or by following the firm on social media.

Why Some Free Consultations Do Work

Not surprisingly, the reasons some free consultations, like those offered by Searcy Denney, do work is like looking at the other side of the coin. First, free consultations work when prospective clients understand exactly what to expect. They know that they will need to show the attorney how they have been damaged and how they can show that with evidence.

Another reason the good free consultations work is because the prospective client knows at least some things about the law firm before the consultation, via the firm’s website, blogs, areas of specialty, and track record. In other words, the prospective client feels like they already know the firm.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida for More Information

If done correctly, free consultations are not only free but valuable. Law firms like Searcy Denney are committed to their clients and their clients’ valuable time. Prospective clients will do themselves a favor by adequately preparing ahead of time so that no time is wasted at the consultation, and they can come away with a good idea of how viable their claim is. 

If you have what you believe to be a valid legal claim, such as a personal injury, contact a personal injury lawyer in Florida at Searcy Denney. We do offer a free consultation and, equally as important, work on a contingency fee basis. If you need our help, contact us online today.

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