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The “Good Old Days” are gone when crops were organically grown, we lived off the land and grew our own produce and raised our own farm animals.

Our environment has become crowded; we have factories that mass produce our food items; and our water, in some instances, has become contaminated along with the air we breathe.

Over the past few years there have been several investigations of birth defects and various types of cancer caused by pesticides and other pollutants introduced into our environment; some knowingly and some unknowingly. 

Just this past week in an area of Palm Beach County, Florida known as the Acreage, it has come to light that there is an ongoing investigation of a possible cancer cluster.  The Acreage, before it became densely populated like it is today, was a large agricultural part of Palm Beach County.  It also was the site of dumping just about anything someone wanted to get rid of.  It is possible that some cancer causing agent has made its way into the soil or water system.  When cancer starts affecting people in a clustered area you can’t help but wonder what is causing it.  Hopefully, in the generations to come, we will find a way to limit the gases, pesticides, fuel emissions and other environmentally unfriendly pollutants that find their way into our environment thus making our planet a safer haven for the human race.

To read more on cancer clusters see and search for cancer clusters and agricultural health study.  You can also go to the Palm Beach Post website and search for “Parents in the Acreage fear possible cancer cluster; state looks at incidence rate.”

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