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I Fell and Injured Myself at an Apartment Complex. Do I Have a Claim?

Personal Injury

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Obviously, you do not sue someone every time you fall and scrape your knee. But many times falls with serious injuries at apartment complexes and other public locations could have been prevented if the people in charge had only behaved responsibly. When that is the case, you may want to talk to a  personal injury lawyer to determine whether you could be entitled to compensation.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Determine Whether an Apartment Complex May Be Held Liable

The issue of whether you have a personal injury claim hinges on the question of whether another person or company may be held liable for the injuries you suffered in the fall. In legal terms, the owners and managers of apartment complexes can be found liable for negligence if they owed a duty of care to you, they failed to fulfill that duty, and you suffered harm due to that failure.

For example, if you are a tenant renting an apartment in the complex, your landlord owes a duty to provide a reasonably safe space for you and your guests. They owe a similar duty to others who are legally authorized to be in the complex, such as drivers delivering food orders.

A personal injury lawyer can explain the full implications of this duty of care in greater detail, but basically, it means that the apartment complex should take reasonable steps to repair dangerous conditions. It also means they should make an effort to warn you about hazards that may not be obvious so that you do not get hurt. 

For instance, when the handrail is loose on a stairway, the apartment complex should put up warning signs until the railing is fixed. If the owners or managers knew or should have known that the railing was loose and did nothing about it, they may be held liable for the consequences.

What Happens if the Apartment Complex is Liable for the Fall?

If an apartment complex is deemed legally liable for causing you to fall and suffer injuries on their property, a personal injury lawyer in Fort Walton Beach can help you receive compensation to offset the effects. These can include medical bills and wages lost due to time off work.

You might also receive compensation to make up for the intangible effects of your injuries. These factors do not have a direct monetary equivalent but significantly impact your life, such as pain and suffering.

Understanding Your Options

Depending on your situation, you may have different options for handling your claim for slip and fall injuries at an apartment complex. For instance, you may seek to file a claim with the insurance company that provides coverage for the complex. Alternatively, you might instead seek compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Our experienced  lawyers will help collect evidence to support your claim and advocate on your behalf throughout the process.

Most cases involving falls settle before going to trial, and the knowledgeable attorneys at Searcy Denney will also help evaluate the fairness of any settlement offers to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries. For a free evaluation of your apartment complex injury case, contact us online now.

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