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Hurricanes — Power and Water


During our past hurricanes, I found that I could actually get along without power for a few days, but doing without water was not something I could take. When a hurricane hits and we lose power, we in the Farms communities also lose water.

So, when we built our house, I bit the bullet and had a generator installed with a propane tank to run it.

As a result of this very significant investment and the fact that, possibly for one of the few times in my life, I was actually prepared, I gained added confidence that hurricanes would be a thing of the past!

Now, a transfer switch law has gone into effect and many gas stations are now required to have the capability of using a generator to run their pumps. So, we any luck, should a big wind come our way, the gas shortages, which occurred in 2005 will be eased.

Plus, who knows, maybe this added preparedness will help discourage hurricanes away from us.

If Bertha, Chuck or Damon does hit us, gas stations with transfer switches exist and can be found at the Palm Beach Post website:

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