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HRT Litigation to Come Into Florida’s Sunshine


Wyeth chose to hide, obscure and contain the dangers of PremPro and other HRT (hormone replacement therapy drugs).

A Florida lawsuit will result in requiring that Wyeth (a division of Pfizer) must “litigate in the sunshine”. Florida has a statute, which requires products in the nature of a public hazard be litigated in the public forum and citizens of Florida must have access to the documents involved in the case. The driving force of the statute is to allow citizens to be aware of hazardous substances and to prevent corporations from continuing to hide behind carefully crafted court orders.

Searcy Denney partner, Brenda Fulmer, made such an argument and Wyethe agreed to release of the documents rather than go through a public hearing, which may have resulted in a judge’s labeling of their products as public hazards.

Litigation against Wyeth (now a division of Pfizer) continues even after 10 juries have delivered significant verdicts against Wyeth.  So far, in excess of 150 million dollars in verdicts have been levied against Wyeth for conduct, which one juror labeled as “despicable”.

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Posted By: Susan Baker