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How Truckers Can Prepare for Fall Now


The morning air starts to cool down, and sweaters are being dragged out of closets. The kids are gearing up for school, and football season has begun. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, but it brings a new set of challenges for truckers, and accidents with large commercial trucks are exceedingly dangerous. If you want to ensure that you and the truck you are operating are ready for the fall season, check out these tips from our Florida truck accident lawyer. They may help you avoid being involved in an accident that could prove costly in a variety of ways.

What Are Some Tips for Safe Fall Driving?

There are some simple safety tips for truckers, although many of them apply to other drivers as well, including:

  • Beware of Overnight Weather Changes. During the fall, it’s the nights that become colder first, of course. So keep an eye out for overnight weather predictions, and be prepared for icy, snowy, or otherwise slippery conditions when you first take off in the morning.
  • Watch for Leaves. Leaves on the road can be deceptive; they are slippery by nature anyway, and often in the fall, they cover wet roads underneath them.
  • Watch for Children. Children are traveling to and from school and often walk alongside the road or horse around right in the street. Furthermore, kids like to jump into piles of leaves along the roadside.
  • Watch Out for Wildlife. Animals, especially deer, are caring for their young, who do not yet have the experience to be aware of the dangers of roads.
  • Longer Nights. The days are getting shorter, and nighttime driving is inherently more dangerous than day driving. Dusk is an especially dangerous time, especially when you’re driving into the setting sun. Moreover, driving at dusk or at night takes more concentration, causing you to become fatigued sooner. Consider adjusting your daily driving schedule to shorten your days a bit, if possible.
  • Pack for Colder Weather. It’s always possible to get stranded along the roadways, sometimes out of cell phone range. So be sure you have enough warm clothes to remain comfortable overnight, particularly if you drive or haul to colder states.

Get the Help You Need to Prepare for Fall Driving

Large commercial trucks drive during all seasons, in all types of climates. Sometimes, long hauls will take truckers through a variety of weather conditions. It takes some pretty nasty weather to get a trucker off the road. Therefore, it’s critical for truck drivers to be prepared for all types of weather. Get the help you need today.

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