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How to Prove Your Accident Was Caused by a Driver Who Was Texting


Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured in crashes involving a driver who was distracted in some way. A large portion of those accidents is caused by texting while driving and often lead to severe injuries or even death

If you’ve been injured in an accident where you suspect the other driver was texting, contact an experienced Florida car accident attorney at Searcy Denney for help. We’ll help you establish your claim and recover all of your damages.

What is Distracted Driving?

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, distracted driving includes anything that takes the driver’s attention away from the vital task of driving. There are three types of distraction: 

  • Manual, which is taking hands off the wheel,
  • Visual, which is taking eyes off the road, and
  • Cognitive, which is taking one’s mind off driving. 

Texting while driving satisfies all three criteria, and indeed it is very common to use your cell phone while driving. Still, distracted driving also includes other activities such as reading, eating, adjusting the vehicle’s controls, looking at directions, talking to passengers, and dealing with children. Driving while fatigued or exhausted can be equally distracting.

How Do I Establish My Driving While Texting Case?

It’s not always easy to tell what happened to cause your accident. Still, if the other driver is obviously at fault, such as in cases where the other driver runs a red light or fails to yield, that means something was obviously wrong with how the other driver was driving. You may be able to create an inference that the driver was distracted. To confirm your suspicions, you’ll need to gather evidence proving your claim.

This is where a Florida car accident attorney at Searcy Denney can help. Our lawyers are experienced with finding and collecting the evidence you’ll need. You may be able to show your claim:

  • Through phone records that show a text message was sent or a phone was otherwise used at the time of the collision,
  • Through a police report or accident report where the driver admits to texting while driving,
  • Through witnesses who can testify that they saw the driver holding a phone and/or looking at a phone when the collision occurred, or
  • Through witnesses who can testify that the driver admitted to using their phone at the time of the collision.

Contact a Florida Car Accident Attorney For Help if You Have Been Injured in an Accident That You Believe Was Caused by Texting While Driving

If you have been injured in an accident that you believe was caused by texting while driving, we can help you collect the necessary evidence and establish your claim. All you have to do is contact a Florida car accident attorney at Searcy Denney for your free consultation. We work on a contingency fee basis.

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