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Keep a Personal Injury Journal After an Accident in Fort Walton Beach

Personal Injury

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If you have suffered a personal injury, whether from an auto accident or another type of incident, you will almost assuredly experience a period of recovery, which may be quite painful, inconvenient, and time-consuming. It’s a good idea to keep a journal during this recovery time to document the effects, including the physical, mental, and life-altering consequences that your recovery has cost you. 

An injury journal provides benefits for your claim, including:

  • A first-hand account of your pain and suffering, the severity of which helps establish a value for your claim,
  • Evidence that is considered much more accurate and reliable by the court and jury as opposed to re-creating such information purely from memory, and
  • Documenting small but essential details, such as difficulty eating or using the restroom or simply being able to rest comfortably, that you may forget if asked to re-create from memory.

If you have suffered a personal injury and need assistance with important details such as an accurate injury journal, contact a Fort Walton Beach personal injury lawyer at Searcy Denney for help.

What is a Personal Injury Journal?

A personal injury journal is a first-hand, real-time account of your injury and how it has affected every aspect of your typical day-to-day life. It should be detailed, even to the point of obsessive, and provide all information about your accident. It is quite likely that the journal will be used as evidence in your case to increase the value of your claim, so you need to be sure the information is accurate and complete.

What Should Be Included in My Journal?

At the very least, your journal should include:

  • Details About Your Accident. If your injury resulted from an accident, the details could become less vivid over time, so it is best to write them all down as soon as possible following the accident. 
  • Pain and Discomfort. Regarding your personal injury, you should note the pain and discomfort you suffer each day, no matter how seemingly insignificant. This should include a description of the type of pain you feel, the area of your body where the pain occurs, and the level and frequency of the pain you experience. Don’t be a “tough guy,” just write it down.
  • How Your Life is Affected. List out the responsibilities or tasks your injury is currently preventing you from completing. This should include how your ability to perform simple tasks, perform physical activities, or enjoy recreational hobbies is being affected. Furthermore, you should describe how your injury has impacted your job, including any limitations you have experienced in performing your job’s regular duties or if you were forced to find a new occupation because of your injury.
  • Time You Miss from Work. Be sure to include the amount of time you have missed from work while recovering after the accident and the wages lost as a result.
  • Appointments and Travel Related to Your Injury. You may need to attend several medical appointments to diagnose and treat any injuries or medical conditions you suffer. The cost of traveling to and from doctors’ appointments can become expensive and burdensome. Carefully document each appointment you attend and the distance it takes to travel there to receive fair compensation for your travel. You may also include mileage and the cost of gas for further accuracy.  
  • The Medical Treatment You Receive. Compensation for medical treatment is one of the most common reasons victims file a personal injury claim. Carefully document all types of medical treatment you receive. You should also document your compliance with your doctors’ treatment plans.

Contact the Fort Walton Beach Personal Injury Lawyer for Help With Your Journal

Although it may seem annoying at the time, a complete and accurate personal injury journal may be critical to your claim. Contact a Fort Walton Beach personal injury lawyer at Searcy Denney for help with your injury claim. We offer a free consultation and work on a contingency fee basis. If you need us, contact us online today.

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