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Goodwill Toward…All


There is a season in which we all think about taking the time to care about others; a season when many of us are perhaps more likely to reach into our pockets and lend some help those less fortunate. That season is now.

I think an increasing number of us have seen a homeless person and have thought, “but for the grace of God, go I”. Sadly, the number of people in need are increasing each day with mounting numbers of foreclosures, increases in lost jobs, and an escalating number of people who simply cannot put enough food on their table.

These are difficult times that I am afraid require more than just difficult solutions. These are times, which require action; the willingness of us to be involved; the capacity to provide help because we feel empathy for people just like us who have hit tough times.

Those of us who still can put food on our tables and make our mortgage payments need to pay greater attention to those who are struggling and for those who feel they have completely lost the struggle.

In the days during this season, our firm has been provided with a number of opportunities for our employees to take time to care for those less fortunate. In this forum, we will try publicize specific opportunities for people to take time to care and help provide a boost to those in need.

To each of you we wish a wonderful holiday season.

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" Cannot say enough about Mr. Ward and his team. Joanna and Mr. Ward helped me through a very difficult time while being extremely professional and prompt. I would highly recommend. "