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GlaxoSmithKline Threatened Newest President of the American Diabetes Association


According to the “Independent” (a UK newspaper), noted diabetes researcher, John Buse, literally pleaded to have the “dogs called off”. Apparently, the dogs were owned by GlaxoSmithKline and their growl included threats of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against the physician. Allegedly, Dr. Buse had the temerity to criticize the drug, Avandia, in 1999 and indicated that he felt it had an increased risk of cardiac complications.

Glaxo took offense to his criticism and Dr. Buse wrote to Glaxo’s, head of research and development, Tachi Yamada,: “Please call off the dogs, I cannot remain civilised much longer under this type of heat.” According to reports, it seems that Yamada could not or would not help Dr. Buse. He ultimately executed an agreement not to criticize Avandia any further and to work with Glaxo to study the drug further.

Just a month ago, a study revealed that drugs like Avandia increase cardiac complications in patients regularly taking the drug. The FDA has required new labeling of these drugs:

FDA is aware of a potential safety issue related to Avandia (rosiglitazone maleate). Safety data from a pooled analysis of controlled clinical trials have shown a significant increase in the risk of heart attack and heart-related deaths in patients taking Avandia. However, other published and unpublished data from long-term clinical trials of Avandia provide contradictory evidence about the risk of ischemic cardiovascular events in patients taking Avandia.

Reports indicate that hearings are to be held by the FDA and Congress in July.

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