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Free Safe Text and Have a Safe Holiday


Did you get up this morning have breakfast and a few glasses of wine or cocktails before getting in your car to drive to work?

If you found yourself texting while you were making that trip to work, answering emails or maybe even talking on your cell phone, you might just as well have had the cocktails. Your level of performance impairment behind the wheel when you are texting is as bad, maybe worse, than driving a car drunk!

Hundreds of thousands of people are injured and killed every year as a result of distracted (impaired) driving. Sadly the loss of lives is preventable if we simply stop operating a ton of steel at 70 miles per hour while we are not really paying attention.

Believe me and the many researchers who have studied it: you are not a multi-tasker, a super-tasker, or anything but a single tasker. Your brain simply does not process in a way that accommodates doing more than one thing at a time.

There is help for everyone who feels the need to get a response to those people texting us, even when we are driving. It’s an app called “Free Safe Text” and there are some advantages to it over some of the other apps out there.

First, Free Safe Text does generate an immediate response to those texting you and it can be customized to your specific situation: “I can not respond to your text because I am driving at 70 mph.”, “I am in the movies. Will respond to your text soon.”

There is another benefit. The more you use Free Safe Text, the more you build up reward points that can be used toward money rewards or merchandise.

So, give everyone who loves you a holiday present this year and don’t drive distracted – try Free Safe Text!

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