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Four Things Your Pensacola Lawyer Wants You to Know

Personal Injury

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Communicating with Your Lawyer is a Key to Your Claim’s Success 

You may have seen headlines promising you the scoop on the secrets lawyers keep from their clients or the things your lawyer does not want you to know. But at Searcy Denney, there are many things we DO want you to know. When you work together with our Pensacola injury lawyers, and we understand each other, we can accomplish a lot more.

1) Honesty Truly Is the Best Policy When You Talk to Your Lawyer

We have all done embarrassing things in our lives, and often we hope that no one will notice or remember. A hope should become an expectation, however. 

If there are aspects of your personal injury case that you think could hurt your chance or recovery or cause problems for you or your family, it is an excellent idea to let your Pensacola injury lawyers know right off the bat. There may be steps we can take to keep information private. The last thing you want is for the skeleton in your closet to make a big entrance in the courtroom when everything is on the line.

2) Appearances Matter

Humans do not make decisions solely based on facts, and this includes judges. It is important to be aware of how things look both in public and online. If you post a picture on social media showing the great skydiving trip you just took, it can be hard to argue that the back injury you suffered in a car accident prevents you from working at your desk job.

In this increasingly public world, everything you say and do can affect your credibility. Be aware of the messages you may be giving by your actions, statements, and appearance.

3) Justice Takes Time

Often a devastating injury can occur in the blink of an eye. Just as physical recovery takes much longer, so will financial recovery. To receive full and fair compensation for your injury, you may need to wait until you have reached your maximum medical improvement level. You will also need to allow time to collect evidence, consultations with experts, and responses from the other parties involved in a case.

And if your case goes to court, the delays could really become unappealing. Your Pensacola injury lawyers can give you some idea of how long the process could take, but they do not have a crystal ball and their estimate is not a guarantee.

4) Teamwork is Critical

To make the most of the opportunities in your case, your Pensacola injury lawyers will rely on teamwork, and that includes you as part of the team. We will need to work together to achieve your objectives. Everyone in our office, as well as the experts and other consults we rely on for information, are a part of that team.

We are Ready When You Need Dedicated Pensacola Injury Lawyers

It is never too soon to consult Pensacola injury lawyers if you suffered injuries that may have been caused by another person’s negligence. The earlier in the process that we can help, the more assistance we can provide in helping you recover. For a free consultation, call us now at 888-549-7011 or contact us online.

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