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Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits Involving Crush Injuries


A crush injury most commonly occurs when a person, or part of a person’s body, is caught between two large pieces of machinery that are closing mechanically. Such injuries can be fatal. Even when not fatal, it quite often results in debilitating complications. Those who have sustained a crush injury are often unable to fully function in almost any capacity.

An understanding and compassionate Florida personal injury lawyer at Searcy Denney will guide you and your family step-by-step through the process of filing a crush injury claim in court to recover proper damages for a loved one’s catastrophic injuries and/or death. Although the injury may be your primary concern at the time, it is critical for your family to file your claim within the state’s statute of limitations. This is only a part of what we can do to help. We’ll handle your legal rights while you take care of your family.

Causes of Crush Injuries in Florida 

Major crush injuries that occur with high impact forces or for more extended periods cause damages that are more severe and injuries that take more time from which to recover. There are usually severe damages below the skin in the tissues, organs, muscles, and bones in such cases. If the injury leads to cutting off the blood supply, muscle and tissue damages could be grave, and our Florida personal injury lawyer has even seen extreme cases resultng in paralysis. 

Complications From Crush Injuries

Crush injuries are more common when heavy objects are involved. Crush injuries involve forces and pressures put on any given body part, crushing it and causing damage to various body structures. Such injuries may cause multiple symptoms and complications, such as.

  • Serious muscle, blood vessel, and tissue injuries
  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Secondary infections
  • Nerve injuries

The most serious of the damages listed above include nerve injuries, serious infections, soft tissue injuries, and fractures. These injuries may cause permanent impairment, rendering the victim disabled for the remainder of his or her life in severe cases. These injuries are often associated with high medical bills.

Contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for Help With Your Crush Injury Claim

If you have experienced a devastating injury like a crush injury, the aftermath is just as important as the injury itself. Contact a Florida personal injury lawyer at Searcy Denney as soon as possible for help with your claim, which may be far more extensive than you believe. We can help you find expert medical care, document all of your experiences, and file any insurance or legal claims you may have,

We offer a free consultation and work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay unless you recover. If you need our help, contact us online today.

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