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Florida Mass Tort Lawyer Discusses Current Status of BSA Sex Abuse Litigation


The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has topped headlines in recent years for its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, which revealed a rampant sex abuse epidemic that has plagued the BSA for decades. Tens of thousands of current and former boy scouts have filed claims directly with the bankruptcy court.

Since the deadline to file claims in November of 2020, the parties have been negotiating a potential settlement to compensate all qualifying claimants who allege they were sexually abused as a boy scout. Because numerous insurance policies are at issue as well as local Boy Scouts councils, which are separate and apart from the BSA, negotiations have been complicated.

The BSA recently filed a proposal with the bankruptcy court to settle all sex abuse claims, with the proceeds coming from various sources. The BSA’s proposal indicates that the settlement proceeds would come from the following:

  • $250 million in cash, property, and other assets from the BSA;
  • $500 million from local councils; and
  • Insurance rights from both the BSA and local councils (with amounts to be determined).

There are approximately 84,000 claims pending in the bankruptcy court, and negotiations are ongoing. As such, the BSA’s proposal is just a step towards settlement. Because the BSA would like to end its bankruptcy later this year, the goal is to resolve claims by the time the bankruptcy is discharged. However, delays are not uncommon in mass tort litigation, so timelines are only projections.

Is it Too Late to File a Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Claim?

The deadline to submit a claim through the BSA’s bankruptcy proceeding was in November of 2020. However, this does not mean sex abuse victims cannot come forward and seek alternative means of pursuing legal action. With the assistance of a qualified mass tort lawyer, a BSA sex abuse victim can explore legal options to hold abusers accountable.

Different theories of liability and the various state laws are all factors a Boy Scouts sex abuse lawyer will take into consideration when evaluating a sex abuse victim’s claim. Because state laws differ, one victim may be able to proceed with a claim in one state but a client in another state may not have the same option. As such, speaking with a skilled mass tort lawyer is essential to understand all legal pathways.

Contact the Mass Tort Lawyers at Searcy Denney Today

Are you a Boy Scouts sex abuse victim or have been the victim of abuse anywhere else? If so, you may have legal options to hold your abuser(s) accountable. To find out what steps you should take, consider speaking with a mass tort lawyer right away.

Our mass tort lawyers represent victims who have been abused in the Boy Scouts, at church, in hotels, and any other sex abuse victim.

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