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Exploding Tires? Yes, Especially in Florida


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 738 motor vehicle traffic fatalities in 2017 in tire-related crashes. Tire explosions are more common than you might expect, and with the warm weather and road conditions in Florida, the state sees more than its share.

If you have been involved in a tire-related automobile accident, your first step should be to contact a Florida auto accident attorney at Searcy Denney before you speak with your insurance agent or anyone else, for that matter.

Types of Tire Explosions

  • Tread Separations. Tread separations are an unfortunately common result of steel-belted radial tire technology. It’s difficult to maintain adhesion of steel to rubber, which is even more difficult at high speeds in hot climates like Florida.
  • Zipper Failures. Sidewall zipper failures commonly occur during the inflation process, and there is virtually no way to determine whether a tire is subject to zipper failure or not. When the sidewall of a tire disastrously fails, bystanders and workers may be severely injured. These explosions are referred to as “zipper failures” because of the sidewall’s appearance after the explosion.
  • Multi-Piece Wheel Explosions. Multi-piece rims have caused numerous serious injuries and deaths to tire mounters since their introduction. However, in almost all instances, the multi-piece rim can be replaced by a single-piece configuration wheel.
  • Bead Failures. Tire bead failure explosions typically occur during the tire mounting process due to a design defect present in automobiles. Bead failure explosions by their nature can cause severe injuries.

How to Prevent Tire Explosions in Florida and Elsewhere

Many people have experienced a tire explosion of some sort, and many of these explosions are preventable. Preventable steps include:

  • Maintaining Proper Air Pressure. You should check your tires’ air pressure at least once a month to maintain the proper PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). This will not only help prevent tire explosions but will improve your gas mileage as well.
  • Regularly Checking Your Tire Condition. Be on the lookout for any visible signs of wear and tear, such as tears on the tires, tire bubbles, deformities on the tires, and anything else that looks irregular.
  • Regularly Replacing Tires. You should replace your tires at least once they have reached the mileage they were rated for, or once every five or six years. People who drive their vehicles regularly and/or over longer distances may need to replace their tires more often. A key indicator of a good tire is the tread depth. When a tire’s tread begins to look worn, this can lead to tire explosions.

A Florida Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You If You’ve Been Injured By a Defective Product

If you have been involved in a tire explosion-related accident, a Florida auto accident attorney at Searcy Denney will examine your options and assist you with any insurance or legal claims you may have. Contact us online today.

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