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Drospirenone Containing Birth Control Making Young Women Sick


The Mass Tort unit of Searcy Denney has filed a lawsuit in Palm Beach County Circuit Court today on behalf of a woman who developed gallbladder disease as a result of her ingestion of Yasmin, a “fourth generation” birth control pill manufactured and marketed by Bayer Corporation.

This plaintiff was only 18 years old when she was hospitalized for a gallbladder attack and underwent a cholecystectomy.  Gallbladder disease is rare in girls and women of this young age.  Rather, the stereotypical gallbladder patient is more than 20 years old.  Physicians refer, somewhat insensitively, to their common gallbladder patients as having the “4 F’s”, which means that the patients are female, fertile, forty, and fat.  In the coordinated multi-district litigation involving the drospirenone-containing Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella, it is estimated that nearly 2/3 of the cases to be filed will involve girls and young women who have developed gallbladder disease as a result of their use of the drugs.  It is believed that this significant increased incidence of gallbladder disease in young patients may be attributable to the drospirenone used in these medications, which is a diuretic.

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Posted By: Lauren Schumacher