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Don’t Just Sit There — Stand, move and stretch!


Heart disease.

Blood clots.


Spinal damage.

Whiplash cervical droop.

Increase in uterine cancer.

Increase in colon cancer.


Decreased life expectancy.

What can cause or contribute to all these horrible ailments? Some doctors and researchers believe that sitting too much can lead to these problems.

Even if too much sitting does not cause these problems directly, we know it can lead to obesity and heart disease; plus all the problems associated with them.


What can you do?

The experts recommend:

  • Stand while watching TV — or, at the very least, walk around during commercials.
  • Never sit for more than 30 consecutive minutes without taking a five-minute walking break.
  • Stand at your workstation — or, even better, use a desk treadmill.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Park as far away from your destination as you can.
  • Use a Swiss exercise ball in lieu of a chair — sitting on it will engage your core and legs, and improve your posture.

Try these 10 best exercises you can do at your desk.

Bottom line: GET UP, STAND UP and EXERCISE!!!

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