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Juul Lawsuits

Are Juuls Bad for You? Let a Juul Lawyer Help

What are Juuls? And are Juuls bad for you? These are questions many Americans have today. Juul vaporizers are marketed as replacements for regular cigarettes, claiming to be a safer method for smokers looking to quit. but our Juul lawyers know better. Also known as vapes or e-cigarettes, they work by heating up flavored nicotine-containing oils that come in replaceable single-use “pods.” The device is about the shape and size of a USB flash drive. Millions of children and teens have tried e-cigarettes in what is being called a “growing youth vaping epidemic.” Rather than helping them stay away from cigarettes and nicotine, however, there is evidence that many young Americans now suffer from nicotine addiction due to Juul products, possibly at higher rates than adults.

Besides addiction, various health and safety concerns are emerging in connection with Juul products. Juul injuries can be severe and range from lung and heart problems to various forms of mental conditions. As a result, there has been a recent spike in Juul class action lawsuit activity.

Mass Tort vs Class Action

What Are Juul Products? What’s Inside Juul Pods?

Juul products package concentrated nicotine from leaf-based tobacco into one-time liquid cartridge systems. Each Juul pod contains about the same nicotine as one to two packs of traditional cigarettes. They deliver approximately 200 puffs per pod and come in a wide range of sweet, fruity flavors, which often makes them more appealing to younger consumers.

Juul pods make use of proprietary “nicotine salts.” Compared to other forms of smokable or vapable nicotine (such as freebase nicotine), Juul pods:

  • Have a higher concentration of nicotine
  • Lack the harsh taste and feel of freebase nicotine or cigarettes
  • Are easier to inhale
  • Allow the nicotine to reach the brain faster

Our Juul Lawyer Explains Juul Pods and Nicotine Addiction

The above factors can lead to a higher propensity toward addiction. Thus, one may begin using Juul pods with the idea that they are “smoking less” or doing less harm to their body. In reality, such products have different risks than conventional cigarettes.

Due to the nature of how Juul products work, it can be difficult to gauge exactly how much nicotine one is taking in at a time. Many users state that it is easy to go through pods quickly. Over the long-run, the user may be intaking much more nicotine than is the case if they were smoking regular cigarettes, leading to greater injury.

Image of Juul-like vaping devices and various refill pods of different colors

Are Juuls Bad for You? What Are the Long-term Effects?

Juul products and e-cigarettes have only been on the market for less than ten years. More and more research is beginning to show that there may be a whole host of both short and long-term negative effects. These include harm and damage in connection with critical bodily functions such as vascular function, heart rate, blood pressure, and other systems.

The Juul attorneys at Searcy Denney can assist with people who have been injured by Juul products and are seeking compensation for their losses. Injury risks are discussed in more detail below.

Types of Injuries Associated With Juul and E-Cigarette Products

As mentioned, vaping hasn’t been around that long, and more research and studies are needed to determine the exact effects of long-term use of this dangerous drug product. However, various health and injury risks are emerging in connection with Juul products.

In particular, vapers and e-cigarette users are becoming more wary of cancer risks. Questions like, “Are Juuls bad for you?” and “Do Juuls cause lung cancer?” are common among users.

Physical diseases and injuries can include:

  • Lung disease
  • Seizures
  • Strokes/heart attacks
  • Collapsed lungs
  • Severe pneumonia
  • Hypertension and vascular damage
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Nicotine poisoning

Mental and Psychological effects may include:

  • Addiction and addictive behaviors
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Memory and attention challenges
  • “Stepping stone” or gateway issues leading to use of other drugs or substances
  • Behavioral/disciplinary concerns (vaping in classrooms or school bathrooms)
  • Various other mental health concerns

There is already substantial evidence supporting claims that:

  • Vaping increases risk of using combustible (traditional) cigarettes
  • E-cigarette use results in dependence on e-cigarette products
  • Certain chemicals present in e-cigarettes are capable of damaging DNA and causing DNA mutagenesis; this also supports the plausibility that long-term use could increase the risk of cancer, reproductive issues, and other conditions

What Are the Links Between Juul Usage and Cigarette Smoking?

Juul products were originally and are currently marketed as alternative smoking products claiming to help people wean off combustible cigarette smoking. Ironically, it seems the products are actually having an opposite effect — studies are showing substantial evidence that e-cigarette use actually exposes users to the risk of developing nicotine addiction and dependency.

In fact, with Juul use may come an increased risk of transitioning to smoking conventional cigarettes. A report from the National Institute of Drug Abuse states that 30.7 percent of teen e-cigarette users started smoking cigarettes within six months. In contrast, only 8.1 percent of non-e-cig users began smoking.

Image of man with black sleeves and large bracelet holding a Juul-like vaping device

Appealing to Younger Customers

Juul lawsuits are focusing on a wide range of allegations. One of these includes Juul targeting younger customers through marketing and advertising. Such targeting methods include:

  • Creating flavors that are strikingly similar to candy, like mint, mango, creme, cucumber, and others that attract younger users.
  • The small, palmable USB shape makes it easy to conceal and use the product discreetly. Vaping on school campuses has become rampant, with students vaping in bathrooms and even in classrooms.
  • Marketing geared toward a younger audience, using channels where younger people are more active, such as social media.

Much can be said regarding the last point (marketing specifically aimed at younger crowds). Juul pods are associated with several marketing and advertising techniques that have the effect of attracting younger users. These include:

  • Images that normalize nicotine use, like pictures showing people vaping in everyday situations
  • Downplaying or omitting any mention of the health risks involved
  • Providing free or low-cost samples to get customers “hooked”
  • Use of social media channels and influencers
  • Copying older cigarette marketing images and models

In particular, the appearance of Juul products on social media channels like Instagram continues to be a problem. This is where young people often receive exposure to products and images of celebrities or peers using them. Such influences may act more strongly than billboards and television ads, as teens may feel a closer connection with messages portrayed on social media.

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured by Juul Products

It is clear that there has been an outbreak of lung injuries associated with vaping products. If you or a loved one has been affected in any way by Juul products, contact a Juul lawyer atSearcy Denney for more guidance regarding a class action lawsuit against Juul.

You should compile as much relevant information and documentation in support of your claims. This includes gathering hospital records, documenting your injuries and the conditions leading up to them, and other items. Doing so can help support your claim and can help a Juul attorney sort out your cause of action.

Legal Causes of Action in Juul Lawsuits

Juul lawsuits are being based on a number of legal theories and violations, including:

How Can a Lawyer Help With a Juul Injury Legal Claim?

These types of legal claims can be highly complex, and typically require the assistance of a qualified and experienced attorney. You should contact a Juul lawyer immediately if you believe you have a case, as there may be strict filing deadlines involved.

The lawyers at Searcy Denney can help ease your burdens by securing compensation for your losses and injuries, such as:

  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Counseling costs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of the ability to generate income
  • Pain and suffering

Get In Touch With an Experienced Juul Lawyer

The use of vaping products like Juul can create risks of severe injury, which may increase the younger the user is. If you or someone you know has been injured by Juul products, you may need to pursue legal action. A lawsuit can provide compensation for losses such as hospital bills and medical costs.

In addition, filing a legal claim may help uncover additional information about the health risks of vaping, which will be valuable and may help save countless lives in the future. The attorneys at Searcy Denney have the experience and expertise needed to guide you through the legal process of a class action lawsuit.

Get in touch with us today directly at (800) 780-8607 to speak confidentially with a lawyer. We are here to guide you through the process and can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding a Juul lawsuit. Our aim is to ensure our clients get the justice they are entitled to.

Reasons young people use JuulReasons young people use Juul

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