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Deadly Highways of Palm Beach County, Florida


Sandwiched between mammoth tractor trailers; a sports car on your bumper and then, like a slingshot, he is beside you, in front of you…in no time he is many cars ahead of you and gaining distance by weaving in and out of traffic; a motorcycle speeding up the highway on only the rear wheel. That is I95 in Palm Beach County, Florida on the average day.

Palm Beach County is certainly not one of the most populous or largest cities in the country, but the stretch of I95 between West Palm and Boca Raton is ranked as the 7th deadliest stretch of highway in the nation; a scary and sad statistic, representing countless injuries and deaths.

Between 1994 and 2008, there were 2631 fatal accidents with 2896 deaths. In those accidents resulting in death, alcohol was involved 24.5% of the time and speed contributed 20% of the time. Perhaps the most disturbing statistic though, is that in 2896 deaths, 65.9% failed to wear seatbelts. So, it is possible that as many as 1500 of those people died needlessly. If they had simply been wearing seatbelts they might be alive today.

What are reported to be the worst roads in the Palm Beach County area?

Here they are for 1994 to 2008:

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