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Driving is serious business.  Every time we drive on the highways we need to be sure we are paying attention to the traffic signs, road signs, and the other drivers on the road and we need to make sure the vehicles we are driving are safe.  Just because you buy new tires it does not mean that those tires were recently manufactured.  If you look closely on the tire it will have the date the tire was made.

Some tires are defective and without warning the tread can separate causing a terrible crash.  When a tire blows or separates suddenly there is a good chance that your vehicle will roll over resulting in serious injuries and/or death.  The likelihood of a crash and injuries or fatalities from such a crash, is far greater when the tread separation occurs on a SUV compared to if the tread separation occurs on a sedan or large pickup truck instead.

There have been several tire recalls involving Bridgestone, Continental Tire, Cooper Tire, Firestone Tire, Goodyear Tire, Kelly Springfield Tire and Yokohama Tire.

This type of crash could happen to anyone.  Inspect your tires on a regular basis, check the date they were manufactured, check the internet and be aware of publicized recalls. If you or a loved one is involved in a crash that could be the result of faulty tires, be advised that there is a legal remedy available and do not hesitate to seek justice.

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