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Contaminated Heparin Distributed to Florida Patients

Defective Drugs

Two lawsuits have been filed by the Mass Tort Unit at Searcy Denney on behalf of patients who were injected with contamination Heparin products.

In early 2008, a number of pre-filled Heparin and saline syringes were recalled, after it was learned that the manufacturer (AM2PAT, doing business as Sierra Pre-Filled, Inc.) had knowingly distributed products that were contaminated with endotoxins. These adulterated products were distributed through a number of hospital and home healthcare organizations around the country, and administered to patients who were already fragile, having just been discharged from the hospital, undergone surgery, or receiving treatment for infections.  Several patients died from the contaminated Heparin products and a number of other patients have suffered significant harm due to their exposure to a bacterium known as Serratia marcescens.

These lawsuits involve patients who lived near Pensacola and Jacksonville, Florida. AM2PAT was closed down by the FDA after discovery of the contamination; one of the founders of the company has been imprisoned after being prosecuted for distribution of the tainted products, and another principal in the company has fled the United States in hopes of escaping prosecution.  Unfortunately, AM2PAT had limited assets and insurance coverage, which was wholly insufficient to compensate the victims of their criminal acts.  The lawsuits that have been filed include a number of other entities in the chain of distribution for the contaminated Heparin products, including Salient Health Care, B. Braun Medical, Inc., Medical Suppliers of the Americas, Inc., d/b/a Medical Suppliers Consulting Group, EZ Care Medical Products, Caremax Medical Resources, LLC, Maxim Health Care Services, Inc., Maxim Home Health Resources, LLC, Procare Home Health Services, Inc., Ambient Healthcare of Northeast Florida, Inc., Ambient Healthcare, Inc., Ambient Healthcare of West Florida, Inc., and Medefil, Inc.

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