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Congressional Hypocrisy — Taking away your rights


As a part of the recent speed racing bills through Congress, they have put up HR 1215. Quite erroneously, they have titled it: “Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017”.

A read of the act’s text quickly tells any objective person this bill has nothing to do with protecting access to care, but it will prevent access to the court.

Erasing the fourth amendment which protects US citizens from the US government searching them and their property without a warrant. - See lightbox for more

What is the bill? Political payback to:

  • Insurance companies
  • Hospital corporations
  • Physician corporations
  • American Medical Association
  • Nursing home corporations
  • Medical product manufacturers

Who does the bill punish?

  • Patients
  • The Elderly
  • Tax Payers
  • Americans

Read the bill with an open mind. It could not be more un-American or anti-consumer. In addition, it might be argued that it strips states of their own law making ability.


  • It shortens many states’ statute of limitations periods.
  • It caps the damages you will be allowed to claim.
  • It controls who you may make a claim against when defective medical products are installed in you.
  • It allows any of your damages over $50,000 to be paid back to you over an extended period of time.

All of this in the face of demands for less government intervention and less regulation.

Call you or write your congress people and tell them to vote NO on HR 1215 and HR 985:


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