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Chevy Cruze Recalled Due to Fire Risk


According to the USA Today General Motors has recalled over 470,000 Chevy Cruzes built between September 2011 and May of 2012. Apparently a design issue allowing a plastic shield below the engine catches and retains oil and other flammable drippings. So far over 30 fires have been reported, but fortunately no injuries are confirmed to date. The fix will be for dealers simply to cut away the apparently unnecessary shield. My question is if can be cut away why was it there in the first place? Hmmmm? The Cruze has seen its share of recalls as this is fifth, including one involving improper welding of the gas tank. Apparently the tank can become loose in a crash and create another fire danger. Hopefully, consumers will be properly notified and warned. Cruze owners please stay tuned for more safety information….


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