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Can Politicians Choose People Over Profits?


It is disappointing when otherwise intelligent, insightful people simply choose to ignore facts and fail to protect the very people they have sworn to serve.

It is no secret that many industry-wed lawmakers have been working for a long time to place damage caps on injuries caused by the negligence of others.

Those same industry-owned lawmakers stand for protecting the profits of hospitals and insurance companies over the protection of citizens. These are legislators and executive branch folks who are willing to sacrifice our rights in the interests of promises to lobbyists or keeping alive their favorite bill.

Currently, Congress, state legislators and governors are busy trying to protect corporate healthcare and insurance companies on the backs of victimized patients. Add to that a concerted effort to dismantle the only attempt, albeit flawed, to fix a flawed and dysfunctional health care system. These politicians are not builders; they seek to create or enhance nothing. These lawmakers want to dismantle anything lobbyists tell them to defeat in the best interests of their corporate constituents.

Fact: It has been estimated that medical errors cause $17 – $29 billion every year in lost income, disability and healthcare.

Fact: The Department of health & Human Services estimates that medical errors result in $4.4 billion in additional Medicare costs.

Fact: Patient rights have been taken away or diminished in 48 of the 50 states already. This has done nothing to improve health care quality or costs in any of those 48 states.

Fact: In the 48 states already enacting limits on the rights of the injured there has been no tangible savings in terms of insurance reductions or health care cost reduction.

Fact: Preventable medical errors cause the death of 98,000 people each year (Institute of Medicine). Limiting the constitutional right of injured victims has done nothing to improve the quality of health care or to reduce the numbers of injured people or the number of patients killed by preventable medical care errors.

Fact: Defensive medicine is a myth dreamed up by those who desire increased corporate profits. Defensive medicine may be motivated more by a desire to increase profits to doctors and hospitals as the alleged defensive medicine.

Fact: The “lawsuit crisis” is a well conducted campaign of propaganda, spin and lies.

Fact: Lawsuits filed by injured people represent a very small percentage of the total burden on the court system. Actually, the largest numbers of lawsuits involve divorce, estates and corporations suing each other.

Fact: Passing laws to protect one special class of Americans to the detriment of the majority of Americans is in violation of the constitution. Protecting doctors, hospitals and insurance companies while denying patients their rights, is simply unfair and unlawful.

Fact: The groups fighting the hardest to infringe on the rights of citizens of individual states are the same groups who have repeatedly told Americans that “Big Government” is bad and that the federal government should stay out of the business of the states. So much for smaller government.

Fact: People in favor of tort reform can not use facts to support their arguments. They rely on hyperbole and spin fed to them by groups supported by business interests.

Fact: Who will pay for the costs of medical care, lost income and rehabilitation caused by medical errors if the rights of victims to pursue legal remedies are taken away? You and I will pay through increased taxes to fund medicare, social security and increased insurance premiums.

Fact: Who will benefit from taking away rights? Hospitals, insurance companies and corporations.

Before you take a position on this very important constitutional battle, educate yourself, be informed, and do not blindly accept information given to you by anyone.

Read, research and rely on your own common sense.

Who is paying for all these campaigns and lobbyists who have the ears of YOUR law makers?

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