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Can My Insurance Company Deny My Valid Accident Claim in Pensacola?

Personal Injury

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Insurance companies are supposed to be in the business of protecting people when they suffer harm in an accident, fire, or other catastrophes. However, all too often, they seem to be in the business of frustrating people who need help by denying their claims.

Experienced Pensacola injury lawyers know that denial of an insurance claim is only the opening drive in the battle. With effort and perseverance, it is often possible to get insurers to settle claims fairly.

Insurance Companies Have Responsibilities Under the Law

Insurance is a big business, and lawmakers in Florida have enacted some laws to protect consumers from unfair practices that can be put in place by big insurance companies. For instance, Section 627.7142 of the Florida Statutes contains a Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights.

However, the insurance law that may be most helpful in accident cases is the good faith requirement outlined in Section 624.155. Pensacola injury lawyers know this law obligates insurers to promptly settle most claims and act fairly, honestly, and in good faith. If your insurer violates this law, you have the right to sue them for damages.

The Pensacola Injury Lawyers at our Firm Work to Understand Why a Claim Was Denied

When an insurance company denies your claim after a car accident or other harmful event, injury lawyers in Pensacola can assist you in seeking recovery. The first step is to determine why the company denied the claim. Understanding the reason for the denial then allows an attorney to formulate a plan to address the denial.

A claim could be denied because the insurer insists that it is not covered under your policy. This is a matter of contract law in many cases. Pensacola injury lawyers could review the policy terms to see whether the contractual assertion is valid. In some cases, even if an insurance company claims a denial is based on the terms of the policy, those terms or the application of those terms could be considered legally invalid.

An insurer might dispute the reason for your injury or damage, blaming you for causing your own harm. If this is the case, your attorneys could seek evidence regarding the cause of the accident and show that your injuries resulted from the accident and not another incident or pre-existing condition.

Our Pensacola Injury Lawyers Will Fight to Ensure That Your Claim is Handled Fairly

You pay a hefty premium for car insurance and homeowners’ insurance, as well as insurance to cover boats and other vehicles. When you file a valid claim, your insurance company should live up to the obligation to cover that claim. Failure to do so is morally and legally wrong.

Pensacola injury lawyers could help negotiate with insurance companies and, if necessary, pursue the matter in court to get fair treatment of your claim. To learn more about how the experienced team at Searcy Denney could assist in your case, call 888-549-7011 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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